Challenges with coloured markings on asphalt and concrete
For surface markings in high traffic areas such as:



Park buildings

Ramps, spindles


Passenger guidance systems

Pedestrian passages and cycle paths

Industrial halls and entrance areas

time is missing during processing. Long curing times of liquid markings lead to longer blocking times and thus to increased costs. Products with a short service life mean premature loss of use, ensure renewed closure times and contribute to an increase in the overall costs of the project. Poorly visible markings lead to confusion and safety risks in road traffic.

WestWood® offers an excellent solution to these challenges. Without the need for a primer on asphalt, WeTraffic offers, among other things, a highly closed and easy-to-clean surface. Thanks to optimised resins, WeTraffic products are highly abrasion resistant and offer a long service life. The short curing time means that WeTraffic products can be driven over quickly, which reduces the duration of closure times. The low consumption contributes to cost savings.

Some advantages of the WeTraffic family at a glance

WITHOUT primer on asphalt

shorter acceleration paths


UV, hydrolysis and alkali resistant

shorter braking distances

low land consumption

durable, economical

durably weather resistant

almost all RAL colours


Further information:
Which WeTraffic product should it be?
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WeTraffic 491
Textured roll coating
Footpaths and cycle paths

Special markings

Entrance markings

Please refer to the country-specific product information for the determined R and V classes as well as the SRT values.
0,5 - 1,0 mm
1,8 - 2,5 kg/m2
WeTraffic 492
HighFriction FGSO
Textured surface
Public roads and traffic areas

Bike paths

Main & secondary roads

0,9 - 1,4 mm
3,5 - 4,5 kg/m2
WeTraffic 493
Textured surface
Acceleration and braking sections


1,0 - 3,0 mm
Asphalt (without primer)
Concrete (primer: Wecryl 176)
numerous RAL colours
15 kg
5,0 - 6,0 kg/m2
WeTraffic 496
Roller coating
Passenger guidance systems

Car parks, parking areas

Entrance areas
Quartz sand

Echostar glass beads
ca. 1,3 kg/m2
WeTraffic 496 BX
Roller coating with bauxite
Indoor & Outdoor
Passenger guidance systems

Car parks, parking areas

Entrance areas
0,5 - 1,0 mm
Glass Beads
ca. 1,5 kg/m2
WeTraffic 497
Roll marking
Road markings


Pedestrian crossings

Quartz sand

3,0 - 3,5 kg/m2

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WestWood® in figures

Year of foundation
9,000 t
Production capacity
16 Countries
in which WestWood® products are successfully used.
8,000 m²
Production area
according to Swiss standard specifications DIN EN1436:2009 (certified in yellow and white) SN 640 241
at the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
> 1,161,000 kg
WeTraffic have already been processed for colourful security
Over 220
enthusiastic WeTraffic processors worldwide
Fast drying, non-slip, easy to clean! Thanks to these properties of PMMA liquid plastic from WestWood®, we give surfaces a face. The versatile application possibilities, the variety of colours and the competent advice convince us time and again that WestWood® is the right partner for us.
Res Häfliger  
Project Manager Coatings, AartiGroup GmbH
We stand for a high quality execution of our work and appreciate the quality of WestWood®! The PMMA liquid plastics protect our properties for many years and offer a suitable system for every problem. This enables us to master even challenging projects with success!
Michael Peter
Managing Director
In today's fast-moving times, with the constant increase in demands for speed and quality, we are dependent on reliable business partners and products. With Westwood® we have found such a partner who can do justice to all this. With innovative solutions and offers, they contribute to the fact that we can master seemingly impossible challenges together.
Marcel Signer
SBA construction manager
Bau Partner AG
We have been happy to meet high customer demands for numerous years and therefore rely on products that have been tried and tested over many years and sincere advice! WestWood®-PMMA can be processed perfectly and quickly even in cold seasons without a drop in quality, which is very much appreciated by our customers and applicators. I have known WestWood® for 20 years and am completely convinced.
Jörg Hübscher
Construction manager
Anliker AG
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